Create your own Festival - Mascotte


No festivals? Then we'll make our own! That's why last summer we've worked something out so that we could create a unique festival atmosphere with all festival fans. At home, in the garden or at the smart shop. It kicked off with our Mascotte Festival Edition. A nifty Combi Pack of papers, tips and a special design to get you in the right mood.

A nifty Combi Pack of papers, tips and a special design to get you in the right mood. And so the festival will go on all through the summer! Stay tuned to @mascottenl on Instagram this summer, where we'll keep up the vibes with tips, challenges and prize draws for your festival at home!

WOO HAH! All - Day

Last year, the festival season we love and know so well was a washout, but that hasn't stopped WOO HAH! from carrying on as usual. On 10, 11 and 12 July the festival came to life in an unusual way with 'WOO HAH! All Day’. This was a live stream full of performances, interviews, exclusive recordings from old shows and interaction with fans.

Who likes to party? We brought it to your doorstep!

A summer without parties was not an option for Mascotte. Great music, dancing, laughing: we all need it, especially now. That’s why we teamed up with RGB Disco and Triomf to bring the Silent Distance Festival Curving the Flat to you! In dozens of living rooms and balconies people raised the roof while DJs worked the streets. The headset allowed for three channels – red, green or blue – to get your freak on. This was the perfect way of throwing a pandemic-proof party in different neighborhoods all over the country. It was an absolute blast, except for the sore muscles...

Cannabis dinner from chef Rik Thesing: finger licking good!

Summer without festivals? Not if Mascotte had a say in it. We asked chef Rik Thesing from Restaurant ACE to cook up a three-course meal for the winners of the Create Your Own Festival giveaway. Not an ordinary menu, but a cannabis dinner! The winners and their friends no longer had to wait in endless summerly food truck lines but enjoyed the culinary treats with cannabis as a main ingredient from the comfort of their own backyards. Create Your Own Festival at its best!