Mascotte Brown Slim Combi + Original Tips

An unbleached rolling paper and tips in a handy combi pack. Everything you need for rolling the perfect joint.

1,99 €
Burning Slow
Light Weight
Magnetic closure
Curl & Wrinkle Free


Experts never compromise. The original rolling paper and tips from Mascotte, but unbleached. Mascotte Brown Combi contains 34 Slim Size rolling papers and 34 tips, giving you everything you need for rolling the perfect joint. The papers and tips are packaged in a combi booklet with a sturdy magnetic closure.


Plus d’information
Matériel Brown
Taille Slim Size
Contenu 34 feuilles
Poids 14 gram
Caractéristiques Burning Slow, Light Weight, Magnetic closure, Curl & Wrinkle Free, Tip

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